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Best Spots Photography In Rotterdam

Best Spots Photography In Rotterdam

What are the best, most beautiful and most unique locations for photography in Rotterdam? Edwin Muller knows! This born and raised Rotterdammer is a tour guide for idtours Rotterdam, but also a talented photographer. In his spare time he makes beautiful photos of the port and also of the icons in the city. For this blog, we go out with Edwin and he shares his passion and knowledge with us.

‘I’ve been interested in photography for about twenty years. I started with a Canon EOS 350d, a beginner’s camera. The last two years I’ve taken photography seriously again’, says Edwin. He hopes that his photos sometime will be used by National Geographic. Where possible, he strives for perfection and approaches photography as an art form. Edwin: ‘Photography can be elevated to an art form, particularly in Rotterdam. Here you will find various scenarios: many open spaces with modern architecture, but also the multicultural diversity that can give rise to colour.


Here you can see Rotterdam as the ultimate water city. You have a wonderful view of the unique skyline, the impressive cruise ships are regularly moored here and of course the fast Water taxi’s will pass’, tells Edwin at the Willemskade. This place is a household name when it comes to beautiful locations for photography in Rotterdam. Which Rotterdammer or tourist hasn’t tried to capture the South Bank of Rotterdam or tried to capture a high speed Water taxi? But that is often easier said than done. Help, Edwin! How can we capture the skyline and Water taxi’s?

It’s best to stand halfway along the Willemskade, about at the level of the Wereldmuseum. Here you have a good view of the skyline. The best thing to do is to take a picture with a mooring post in the foreground and a cruise ship in the background.’ According to Edwin it takes some practice to capture the Watertaxi’s well. Edwin: ‘I took my picture of the Watertaxi with a long shutter speed so that it looks like the Watertaxi is stationary and the rest is moving.


Once upon a time we had the official ‘city initiative’ in Rotterdam and in 2011 the Luchtsingel was chosen as the first ever ‘city initiative’. Rotterdammers now know the bright yellow walkway. Many have walked over it to enjoy the view and many thirsty fellow citizens walked over it with a mission on their way to the German “pub” Biergarten. Although Edwin likes to drink a beer, he regularly visits the Luchtsingel to take pictures only.

The Luchtsingel is a very special abstract location. This is one of the unique locations for photography in Rotterdam where you will find expressive colours and lines. In addition, this place feels very ‘urban’ and the Luchtsingel is a nice place for portraits.’ Edwin adds that taking abstract photos with the soft light of sunset is most beautiful here. But if you want to take portraits, it’s best to come up with a little more light, but avoid the sharp sun around noon. Especially around the open roundabout with its high walls you can make good portrait photos’, he concludes.

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