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Self Portraits Ideas

Self Portraits Ideas

Looking for creative and fun self portrait ideas to surprise your subscribers? Here I’ve gathered 35 surreal and cool self portrait ideas for you when your inspiration is over.

35 Unique Self Portrait Ideas

The most wide-spread way of taking self portrait photography is selfies or photos taken with the help of a tripod and a remote control. If your self portraits seem boring, follow these 35 self portrait ideas to help you create eye-catching shots.

1. Use Fairy Lights

If you are interested in dreamy and magical self portrait ideas, incorporate fairy lights. They make the shots appear deep and add vividness to the whole scene.

Fairy lights may really diversify an ordinary self portrait. Raise the lights in front of the camera and check whether they aren’t covering it entirely to produce gorgeous bokeh.

2. Shoot Through Things

One of the most creative portrait ideas is to take pictures through such objects as windows (for incredible reflections), bokeh filters (to make bokeh star- or heart-shaped) or cellophane (for a dreamy look). While photographing through a window, don’t stay straight in front of it.

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3. Play with Prism

One of the most popular current online trends is prism photography. For taking such unique self portraits, you need to use a glass prism to twist light to create colorful flare and reflections.

Just locate a glass prism in front of the camera and you will see an impressive rainbowy play of light on your face.

4. Use Glitter

You will certainly get shining and interesting self portraits if you involve glitter. You may blow it in the direction of the lens or cover your body and face with it.

Be ready for the glitter to be all over your body and floor, which will require a long process of tidying up.

5. Create a Silhouette

One of the most beautiful examples of creative self portrait photography is a picture of a human silhouette. Such images convey a really enigmatic and magnificent atmosphere.

To realize this idea, locate a bright lighting source in the background. When shooting outdoors, everything – from streetlamps to sun, moon or bonfire may serve as a lighting source.

6. Capture Motion Blur

Shooting yourself in motion is one of the most unusual self portrait ideas. Just set a slow shutter speed and do some action in front of the lens.

In case such a shot is taken off chance, the final result may look non-professional. However, if you do everything in a proper way, you will get a captivating and dynamic portrait.

7. Use Color Gels

For diverse and cool self portrait ideas, try using color gels. These are color filters which should be located in front of strobe lights or off-camera flashes.

I suggest mixing red and blue color gels on a dimmed background for a trendy look. Practically the same effect may be achieved with neon photography ideas.

8. Incorporate Shadows

Though the light is of tremendous importance, you may use the lack of it for your advantage to realize fantastic self portrait photography ideas. Add drama to your images by locating a shadow in the correct place.

Photograph in those parts where harsh lighting produces a patterned shadow on your face or body, for instance, near window blinds or under palm leaves.

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9. Shoot Yourself in a Mirror

Nowadays, you won’t surprise anyone with common mirror selfies. However, don’t worry, as there exist cool portraits ideas involving mirrors.

One of them is to hold a small portable mirror at arm’s length and take a unique picture of yourself in the reflection. To add more creativity, you may use a broken mirror.

10. Become a Work of Art

Play around with bright colors and turn yourself into a canvas. Just try to find a fine line between traditional portrait photography and painting. As a result, you will get a truly artful, colorful and bold self portrait.

11. Dress Up

To implement fun self portrait ideas, simply turn yourself into a totally different person. Self-portraiture is the best way to experiment with various looks that you would never imagine trying on. Do an unusual hairstyle, wear bright makeup, put on a colored wig and clothing. Be sure that such a picture will instantly get hundreds of likes.

12. In a Milk Bath

Milk bath photography is definitely a cool trend worth trying for self-portraiture. The mix of translucent water with milk in a bath produces a wonderful scene and focuses directly on your face and body. Such self portrait ideas are challenging to realize, but the wow effect is guaranteed.

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